• Group profile

    Uni-President Group founded on 25 August, 1967. From a humble flour mill to today’s international corporation, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. not only continues to grow with time, we also seek innovation and strive to stay ahead of the latest trends. By investing in the right products or businesses at the right time, we are able to integrate available resources for optimal utilization, in turn fostering social prosperity and economic growth

    Uni-President Group progress can be summarized in the following five stages:

    • 1967

      Start-up period

    • 1974

      The Growth Period

    • 1983

      The Conglomerate Period

    • 1990

      The internationalization Period

    • 1999

      The Global Network Period

    1. Comprehending market movement to capture the opportunity for business initiation

      In accordance with economic growth, UPEC set a goal to setup a new plant every year .Expansion of UPEC`s products mainly relied on the vertical integration of the upstream and downstream operators and a solid grasp of consumers` basic need in their daily at the time.In addition ,UPEC acquire highly efficient mass production equipment in order to expand the company`s scale

    2. Adopting the developmental Strategies of creating high added value in area of specification

      With the rapid growth of economy came a surge in consumer purchasing power. As a competition intensified , UPEC seized the opportunity to shift from production-oriented to sales-oriented while engaging in research and marketing developments according to plans. UPEC also extensively acquired production line of high added value in order to meet customer needs .At the same time, the finest facilities and advanced technologies were introduced from overseas to lead the company in the production of high quality products with high added value

    3. Vertical integration, horizontal integration and diversification from inside out

      Economy continued to show steady growth during this period and entered the age of commercialization and diversification. The period also market the beginning of UPEC`s full involvement in the battle of dominance for distribution channels and the development /import of high quality products . By adjusting to multifaceted management to correspond with social needs and adopting conglomerate management models, UPEC was able to fuel its growth and established its leading position in the domestic food manufacturing industry.

    4. Business operation reaching out to overseas market

      With the Gross National Product (GNP)breaking the US$10,000 mark, UPEC has grown to become a large conglomerate with diversified operations covering logistics and retailing .UPEC has gone through further transformation and adopted social marketing as its core operational model.The company has duly fulfilled it obligations as a corporate citizen and accepted the mission of becoming a business that provides healthy and happy lifestyles for consumers . At the same time ,UPEC has also come to the realization that globalization was the key to break free from the restrictions of the saturated domestic market and continue its growth. It`s first step was to acquire the third largest biscuit company in the U.S. and has also invested further in other countries throughout Asia Pacific , including Indonesia ,Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.

    5. The critical period in the preparation for the challenges of globalization

      UPEC`s primary strategic objective in the 21st century to consolidate its operations in Asia and become one the world`s largest food manufacturing companies. By integrating company`s resources, from the purchase of raw materials , manufacturing, distribution, channel , retail along with E-commerce and delivery services ,UPEC will utilize its maximum combined strength with vertical , horizontal integrations of its value chains. In addition,UPEC will also be promoting the operation of its sub-conglomerates and virtual companies .With the leadership of its sub-conglomerates, UPEC will emerge as the most competitive company to offer consumer services and products .

  • Uni-President Logo

    Uni-President`s corporate logo is derived from the initial “ P ” of the English word "PRESIDENT

    The three oblique lines as the wings and soaring body stand for Uni-President’s brand spirit of “Three Good” and “One Fairness” (namely: Good quality, Good credibility, Good services and One fairness). In addition, the logo also suggests Uni-President’s corporate foundation of benevolence, sincerity and confidence in serving consumers with trustworthy commodities and services, signifying constant innovation and breakthrough in its products.

    The flat wings at the base of the logo symbolize stability, virtue and honesty.The entire motif of the logo represents excellence, soaring spirits, peace and progress towards a healthy and blissful future.

    The color meaning:

      Red:on behalf of the dedicated service, firm information, sincere attention.
      Orange: on behalf of the innovation,and breakthrough, and the sense of satisfaction,thriving associated with food.
      Yellow full of warm, lively, cheerful affection, on behalf of the brand's expectations.

  • Business philosophy

    Uni-President Enterprises Corp.’s Management Philosophy Integrity, Diligence, Innovation, and Progress to the Future” 

    Good quality, Good credibility,Good services and Fair price are the quintessential management philosophy of Uni-President, and it has become cornerstone of Uni-President Enterprises Corp.

    Uni-President Enterprises Corporation embodies the management philosophy of Integrity, Diligence, Innovation, and Progress to the Future. 

    Integrity - The firm builds its legacy through the virtues of honesty, sincerity and responsibility.

    Diligence – Demonstrating the will to work industriously is a reflection of respect towards our career. Our founder has set the perfect model to inspire and motivate every Uni-President employee to manage all challenges at work with a proactive and selfless attitude towards life. 

    Innovation - Innovation inspires us embrace the challenges of the future with cutting-edge thinking and management in order to effectively respond to the shifting trends and enhance competitiveness. 

    Progress to the Future - Innovation must be complemented by planning, execution, and efficiency to achieve the goal of refinement. In addition to satisfying the community’s needs for products and quality, we also hope to elevate spiritual, cultural, and intellectual appreciation. 

    “Let us all do our part in managing Uni-President”is a philosophy where Uni-President employees work together by upholding the spirit of integrity and diligence in order to pursue innovation and refinement in production and management. We are committed to providing the finest products and quality service that are best suited for our customers, and we strive to win the trust and respect of the public in an effort to pave way for sustainable corporate development for the company.